About Us

This site was started as a response to sky high phone repair charges and the fact so many serviceable cell phones were being thrown on the scrap heap!

Seeing so many workable and usable phones being binned was something that irked us considerably and the reason this site came into existence.

Since 2009, we have been offering the general public hints and tips on how best to extend the lifespan of their cell phones.

All our repairs and advice are graded, for difficulty. This should make it easy to know how hard they are to attempt.

Some of our repairs will be perfectly possible for a beginner to attempt, others will take more skill.

We always tell our readers exactly what tools they will require prior to attempting any repair. We can also advise on where to purchase the tools needed as well the replacements that are required, to undertake the repair.

Over the years, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge on how to undertake every type of repair on nearly every make of cell phone. We now have a comprehensive guide to fixing most phones, that has been tried and tested many times.

The repairs we feature have also been scored by our readers for usefulness and we always listen to feedback from our viewers.

If you think that something is not right, in one of our fix it guides, or you have a better way of attempting something, we would love to hear from you.

We also have a lively community forum, where different methods and strategies for mending and repairing gadgets is enthusiastically discussed at length!

If you have an urgent technical problem and cannot find the answer to it in our archives, you might try the forum for advice.

Our members are always very keen to help anyone with their technical problems and complete beginners are always welcome!