As we know, it is all too easy to crack the screen on your Microsoft Lumia 640.

These sleek phones have rather the knack of leaping out of your hand and shattering on the floor, before you even realize they have slipped.

Smart phone repair them can be an expensive business and that is when you have found somewhere to undertake this.

Fortunately, there are some reputable shops and repair centers in Edmonton that can offer reasonable deals on repairs for your Microsoft Lumia 640 phone. It is not only cracked screens that they undertake, but a full range of services.

However, if you are going to try and fix it for yourself, you firstly need to ensure you have a full repair kit!








FIRSTLY: If the screen on your Microsoft Lumia 640 is very badly damaged, then take care with its removal and make sure that you put a screen cover or even just Sellotape over the screen, before you try and take it off.

NEXT: Take off the back cover by pushing the case outwards and firstly take out the battery. Then remove the memory cards and SIM etc.

THEN: Take out the Torx 4 screws with your screwdriver. There are seven of them.

NEXT: Flip the phone on its side and remove two more screws, taking care not to mix them up with the first seven.

NOW: Take your plastic tool out and take out the battery compartment, by pushing the housing join. Run it along the right and top of the phone until you can remove the compartment.

NEXT: You can see the ribbon cables in the compartment, there are two of them and each has a socket and plug on it. Pull them up away from the circuitry to take apart.

SO: Now you have spliced the phone into two pieces. You need to take out the earpiece next. It will easily lift out from the rear of the screen. There is a sort of sticky bit underneath, but it should come out with no trouble.

NOW: You need to take out the ribbon cable for the light sensor and the camera. So lift it out and then peel the ribbon off, carefully. This is stuck down with some tape and is where you might need the help of your hairdryer! Simply blast your hairdryer for around one minute and then run it lightly over the entire screen edge. This will help remove the adhesive tape which holds the screen in.

NEXT: Get the plastic tool in between the rear frame and the screen. Go all the way around the edge until the screen comes apart. If it is still sticking, use the hairdryer a bit more to free it up.

NOW: You have parted the frame and the screen, this is all you need to do in order to fit a replacement. You simply fit the new one and then go back through all the stages, to reassemble it.

BUT: If you need to complete disassembly, for some other reason, then you would next disconnect the two ribbon cables by pulling it from the circuit board.

NEXT: To take out the circuit board it needs to be very gently lifted outwards.

From here you can remove the headphone jack, USB cover and other features.

LOUSDPEAKER: If you want to take out the speaker, then lever it out gently and the same applies to the camera, ribbon cable and vibrating motor.